Can Homeopathy treat Depression and Nose blockage together?

Patient – Male, 43 years, was first consulted in April 2011 with two main complaints of Depression and nose blocking. This case is an example of combination treatment for an individual with more than one health condition, where there was no correlation between the two conditions.

Depressed and lonely

He was diagnosed with Depression by a Psychiatrist, and he was prescribed to take one tablet - Serta every day. Despite being on the medication for a while, he did not notice much improvement, and his symptoms continued. He complained of having withdrawn socially, was indifferent towards doing anything with others, and was feeling fatigued all the time. 

Blocked Nose

On examination for the nose blockage, he had nasal polyps in both nostrils, and the one on the right was bigger than the one on the left.

I collected his detailed case history & family history, and the homeopathic medicines were selected in a combination to treat both his health complaints.


Within a short period of 2 months, he said, “my depression is gone,” he started taking an interest in work, started socializing as before, and also started feeling less fatigue. Simultaneously, the nasal polyps reduced in size in both the nostrils, and he had no nose blocking either.

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