Can homeopathy help during pregnancy?

Brief Case History:

She conceived at the age of 43 years, despite having a history of miscarriage in the past 30 months. Since Oct 2020, she has had Amenorrhea. When she skipped her next period and tested positive for a pregnancy test, we began the homeopathic treatment to prevent miscarriage for six weeks continuously. All tests and scans done till 19 weeks were satisfactory. 

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In early Mar 2021, at 19+ weeks, a regular Ultrasonography was conducted, which showed an irregularity of the Fetal Cardiac Rhythm, noted with E/o Persistent Bradycardia. Ventricular heart rate -75 b/m; Atrial heart rate 143b/m; Suggested a 2:1 conduction block. She was advised to get a Fetal 2-D Echocardiography & Color Doppler which was done the same evening on 10/03/2021. The test confirmed the 2:1 conduction block; Ventricular heart rate 75b/m; Atrial Heart rate 143 b/m.

The patient was devastated as this was a precious pregnancy for her and her only chance. Considering her overall condition, symptoms, modalities, and pathological finding, selecting the most appropriate homeopathic medicines was made carefully for the one-month duration.

In the 3rd week of Apr 2021, a repeat Ultrasonography was conducted at 25.5 weeks of pregnancy. 

Impression: A single live fetus seen in the variable presentation. The previously seen fetal heart conduction block was not visualized at this examination. No arrhythmias were observed. Additionally, a repeat test of Fetal 2-D Echocardiography & Color Doppler was conducted to reconfirm the Ultrasonography findings.

Achieve Holistic Wellness | Pregnancy ultrasound

Comments: No obvious abnormality seen at this stage. The previously seen fetal heart conduction block was not visualized at this examination. No arrhythmias were seen.

On seeing these reports, her gynecologist told the patient, “ You always surprise me when you come to visit.” We all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby before the end of July 2021.

I am delighted to share that the patient delivered a healthy baby girl on July 18th, 2021, without any heart block issues noticed in the fetus during the pregnancy.

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