Homeopathic treatment helped avoid knee replacement surgery

The patient, a female aged 67 years, approached me in May 2014 with severe pain in the left knee for 11 months. Her friend, who was under my treatment and benefitted from my treatment using homeopathic medicine, insisted she consults me before undergoing surgery. In the following ten days, her knee replacement surgery was scheduled. Her X-ray showed remarkably reduced space on the medial side.

She had other problems such as hyperacidity and hypothyroidism and was overweight, all of which were considered for the treatment. We immediately started her on our homeopathic medicine.

Osteoarthritis knee treatment with Homeopathy

In one week of homeopathic treatment, her pain reduced by 20%. The patient was so encouraged by the quick result that she put off her knee replacement surgery.

Three months of treatment (Aug' 14), she was better and the pain had sharply reduced by 60%.

Four months of treatment (Sep'14), she started light exercises without any trouble and enjoyed going to the Gym.

Fourteen months into the treatment (July 2015), she was completely pain-free, regularly exercising at the Gym without any problems.

Old couple enjoying gym

She was under my treatment until 2018 for her other health issues, hyperacidity, and high uric acid, etc. She had not once complained about her knee pain since Jul 2015 until 2018.

Note: These are success stories of Dr. Monica Matani from her existing patient's case files. Due to patient confidentiality no mention of patient names. This information is copyright material and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any forms or by any means, including photocopying, or other mechanical, electronic method, without the author's express consent, Dr. Monica Matani.

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