Homeopathy could be handy for postpartum issues

Female aged 33 years approached me in July 2010. She had delivered a baby three months back and complained of poor breast milk production. She was very keen on keeping her baby on exclusive breastfeed but was concerned about not getting enough milk production. She also noticed that her baby was not gaining weight well.

Homeopathy for breast feeding issues

I started her on her personalized homeopathic medicines by gathering her case history. Results were immediate, and her milk flow started improving in a few days since she began homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy to improve postpartum depression

In September 2010, in the 4-5 months after delivery, she developed postpartum depression. So, I took this additional symptom into account and included the medicines accordingly with her primary issue.

Happy family with new born | Achieve Holistic Wellness

By the end of October’10, she was good on both fronts, and she continued the medicines till February 2011.

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