Homeopathy helped young man deal with acne and keloids

This patient approached me in August 2014 when he was 25 years old. He complained about facial acne and keloids on the chest since he was 14. He also had severe itching on the chest due to the keloids. I gathered his entire case history and started his personalized homeopathic treatment.

Within 15 days of being on the personalized homeopathic medication, he started noticing a reduction in acne.

Man with chest keloid spots

In 2 months, the keloids issues also showed a significant improvement. Subsequently, the size of the keloids reduced, and by Dec 2014, the itching too had gone away.

Homeopathic medicines helps men deal with skin issues

The homeopathic treatment was stopped in April 2015, as he was free of acne, the keloid had flattened, and there was no itching.

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