Homeopathy improves hemoglobin levels helping Aplastic Anemia patients

A patient aged 62 years woman approached me in August 2016. She had a history of HIV after receiving a blood transfusion many years ago, and she was on antiretroviral drugs for over a decade. She came to me as she had developed aplastic anemia/ hemolytic anemia that was caused due to the side effects of prolonged use of antiretroviral.

Blood Transfusion

The patient’s condition required her to undergo two blood transfusions every month, without which her hemoglobin levels were falling below critical threshold levels. She was advised of erythropoietin injections for a prolonged period, which is expensive and unaffordable. Due to her financial difficulty, she could only manage to bear the cost of one injection. She was awaiting government financial aid for the subsequent injections. But her hemoglobin levels kept falling dramatically, which is when she approached me.


Based on the information, I gathered her case history and started her on homeopathic treatment. She was very encouraged as she did not require a single blood transfusion after beginning the homeopathic medicine, and her hemoglobin (hgb) levels remained above the critical thresholds. As the homeopathic treatment continued, her hgb levels started to improve gradually. By the time the government had approved the financial aid for her prolonged treatment, her hgb levels had continued the improvement trend. She was highly motivated with the hgb levels improvement results using homeopathic medicines that she decided not to go ahead with the erythropoietin injections.


The homeopathic treatment allowed her to continue her HIV treatment without any detrimental side effects of Anemia. By October 2017, her hgb level was improving positively to 10.8 grams per deciliter (gm/dl) that is just below normal levels. And remarkably, by May 2018, her hgb levels stayed within the normal range for women. She has had no issues with her hgb levels to date and is occasionally following up with me.

Note: These are success stories of Dr. Monica Matani from her existing patient's case files. Due to patient confidentiality no mention of patient names. This information is copyright material and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any forms or by any means, including photocopying, or other mechanical, electronic method, without the author's express consent, Dr. Monica Matani.

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