Homeopathy successfully treats stye

The patient – Male, 37 years, visited my clinic for the first consultation in September 2008. He was suffering from persistent Styes for one year. The stye first occurred on the right eyelid and, after that, on the left eyelid. Despite being under treatment with antibiotics, the styes continued to bother him, and there was no improvement.

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I gathered his detailed case history irrespective of a single health issue to capture all relevant information before deciding on his homeopathic medicines.

The results were very encouraging; the stye on the left eyelid started reducing in size in a month. Subsequently, in the next two months, the stye on the right eyelid got smaller in size. February 2009 – 6 months from beginning the homeopathic treatment, the styes on both the eyes had disappeared entirely.

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Note: These are success stories of Dr. Monica Matani from her existing patient's case files. Due to patient confidentiality no mention of patient names. This information is copyright material and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any forms or by any means, including photocopying, or other mechanical, electronic method, without the author's express consent, Dr. Monica Matani. 

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