Homeopathy works for Hydrocephalous treatment

Brief Case History:

The patient (Male: 47 years) experienced severe giddiness with vomiting on January 21st, 2015. On January 23rd, 2015, he complained of extreme dizziness  and inability to stand independently, which needed hospitalization. He also complained of feeling pressure in the forehead area for a few months. Further investigations led to an MRI scan to be conducted, following Impressions reported: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalous with prominent void across the cerebral aqueduct. CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) flow void cerebral aqueduct. The patient was advised to undergo a shunting surgery based on the findings, but the patient was not willing.

Headache and dizziness

He approached me on January 25th, 2015. We collected specific details and symptoms regarding his diagnosed condition of Hydrocephalous. We also gathered crucial information regarding his dietary, environmental, physical, emotional patterns & family history. Based on this complete information, I selected the appropriate homeopathic medicines for him. Our detailed case history gathering method allowed us to deliver him quick relief, and he observed that his giddiness started to reduce within 24 hours. He continued to see a gradual improvement over the next few days, and by February 16th, 2015, he had no giddiness at all. However, he had some sensation of pressure behind the eyeballs. In the following three months, this complaint too was alleviated. He leads an everyday life free of any symptoms of hydrocephalus.

The patient continues to follow up with me to date.

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