Liver condition improved using homeopathic medication

Male – 51 years, came for the initial consultation in May 2014. His complaint was of high liver enzymes – SGOT and SGPT over the last six months, indicative of liver damage. He had a history of drinking alcohol 2-3 times a week for many years. Simultaneously, he had other health complaints of poor digestion, acidity, tender epigastrium, and flatulence.

Alcohol causing liver damage

They were alcohol-induced conditions, and he was advised to avoid alcohol. Despite refraining from alcohol for few months, the liver enzymes continued to remain high. His blood profile had shown Hepatitis C Virus antibodies, but there was no detection of active infection. 

After taking all the information and additional case and family history, I decided on homeopathic medication.

Within two months, he started showing remarkable improvement in his symptoms of acidity, flatulence, abdomen pain, etc. In 8 months, his liver enzymes were within the normal range. 

Liver recovery man partying

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