Uric Acid can be got in control with Homeopathy

The patient, Male 46 years, approached me in March 2016 about the problem of gout. His Uric acid levels were high for the past 30 months, but in the last 12 months, it had seen a sharp increase in the uric acid levels. His previous Uric acid level was 9.1 (while the maximum acceptable limit was 6.7). He complained of swelling and pain toes, shin, knee, and ankle joints. Occasionally, he had trouble while walking due to pain.

Walking difficulty due to Gout

After doing his homeopathic case profiling, I selected the appropriate personalized medication plan for him. Within a month of being treated with his personalized homeopathic medicines, the joints' pain and swelling reduced significantly. In the following months, he remained pain-free, except for one more episode of transient pain attack in the toes and foot. Every three months, we tested for his uric acid levels, and it showed a gradual decrease. Within 18 months, his Uric Acid was 5.6 within an acceptable range. The patient remained pain-free until his last follow-up in February 2020.

Man walking after uric acid reduction

Note: These are success stories of Dr. Monica Matani from her existing patient's case files. Due to patient confidentiality no mention of patient names. This information is copyright material and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any forms or by any means, including photocopying, or other mechanical, electronic method, without the author's express consent, Dr. Monica Matani.

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