Homeopathic Treatment for Acne

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Description: Acne is a common skin disease which occurs primarily in teenagers & women due to hormonal changes. Older adults could also experience a sudden acne breakout due to an underlying medical condition. Acne usually occurs on the face, shoulders & upper back when hair follicles get clogged with dead skin & oil. A mild breakout of acne could lead to whiteheads or blackheads. Whereas a more severe breakout can lead to small red bumps, pimples with pus or painful lumps beneath the skin causing inflammation & scarring. Acne can frequently reoccur and takes time to completely heal.


  • Mild breakout of whiteheads or blackheads
  • Inflammation causing small red bumps, pimples with pus
  • Severe breakouts of big, hard & painful lumps or cysts beneath the skin

Causes and Triggers: 

  • Hormonal changes in teenager attaining puberty
  • Hormonal changes in women, can also occur at time of pregnancy & menstruation cycle
  • Spreading of pimples to other areas through touch or popping them
  • Constant rubbing or friction on your skin due to tight collars or mobile phones etc.
  • Lack of hydration during severe heat & humidity
  • Genetic disposition
  • Certain medication & steroids
  • Unhealthy diet & eating habits like chocolates & fried foods


Keeping your skin healthy, clean, moisturized & treat your skin gently. Enlisted below are some suggestions:

  • Drink plenty of water & fluids
  • Face wash & shampooing as recommended depending on your skin type
  • Bathing after exercise or work
  • Avoid popping pimples
  • Use gentle soaps which is not harsh to your skin
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing to avoid acne due to friction
  • Identify irritants, bathing or washing soaps, cosmetics, environment etc.

How does Homeopathy Help?

Homeopathic medication focuses on the root cause of acne by understanding the cause. It corrects the excessive oiliness in impacted areas of the skin and calms the skin by reducing the severity & inflammation. Homeopathic medication can be helpful and provide maximum benefit after understanding the specific cause/s or trigger/s e.g. hormonal changes in teenagers and women. Our method of personalized homeopathic treatment improves the efficiency of acne treatment. It is important to share all the details to allow the homeopathic practitioner to make the right choice of homeopathic medicines to benefit the person. Homeopathic medication be taken along with other conventional medicines as they don’t interfere.