Homeopathic Treatment for Growth Problems

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Description: When a child is not growing at an average weight & height compared to other kids of their age group or family history.


  • Face appears younger than actual age of child
  • White fungal patches on the face due to poor assimilation of vitamins
  • Poor appetite or eating junk food
  • Candidiasis in children

Causes and Triggers: There are several reasons for poor growth in children e.g., poor nutrition, unable to manage stress, poor assimilation of food due to digestive dysfunction, insufficiency of growth hormones. Repeated antibiotic course alters gut’s beneficial bacterial flora impairing proper assimilation and absorption of nutrients.

How could Homeopathic treatment help in this condition?

Homeopathy improves the digestion, aids proper assimilation and absorption of nutrients vital for growth & helps the body in balancing the required growth hormones. It is important for the parents to monitor the child’s eating patterns and provide details to the experts to allow the accurate homeopathic medicine selection. Achieve Holistic Wellness would strongly request that you refrain from self-medication.