Terms and conditions

This document includes dis­claimers and pro­vi­sions that limit the lia­bil­ity of Achieve Holistic Wellness INC and their consultant(s) (collectively referred to as “We”) to the Customers (“You”). Please read these terms and con­di­tions thoroughly and care­fully. If you disagree to be bound to each and every term and con­di­tion set forth herein, please do not use the homeopathy medicine(s) pro­vided herein. Kindly read the Terms and Conditions prior to clicking on “Add to Cart.” On clicking “Add to Cart,” we will assume to have read and understood the disclaimers.

  1. Only the body can heal itself, so the homeopathic treatments are not offered as a cure but rather as aids to the body in re-establishing normal functions. We offer information along with our products and suggested wellness programs to those who are willing to share responsibility for their health. It should not be misconstrued to mean, imply, or indicate that the products or programs described cure anything, as no such claims are made.
  2. We believe that the information provided by you is accurate to the best of your knowledge. However, we will not be responsible for any misinformation, misrepresentation, or suppression of facts and conditions.
  3. We presume that your condition has been correctly diagnosed by a health care professional before you approached us for any particular ailment. Therefore, we are relying on the information and diagnosis provided by you while planning your therapy.
  4. No attempt should be made to use any information (provided here or during the consultations) to diagnose the condition in any other person or recommend similar instructions as may be provided to you specifically during therapy to any other person.
  5. If the person knows the name of the specific homeopathic medicine while the treatment is ongoing, they may try to read about the same. As a result, they could give a conditioned or erroneous picture during the case history gathering or follow-up, which may misguide the expert on choosing the simillimum. Therefore, we highly recommend that the patient not try to know the name of the simillimum being used. On accepting this disclaimer, we take it as your consent that you are willing to not insist on the names of the medication used on you.
  6. We are using Homeopathic dilutions with potencies of 6C and above from the list of remedies included as official by HomeopathicPharmacopoeia of the United States/Revision Service (HPRS). In accordance, all listed homeopathic medicines of potency - 6C and above are considered safe and without any side effects. The FDA believes low dilutions of 1X, 2X, or 1C to risk toxicity or otherwise adverse effects. Therefore, we do not use such potencies that may have any chance of risk of any kind.
  7. We do not recommend you stop using any other medication or therapy you currently prescribe to you by your health care professional. However, as homeopathic treatment progress and your requirement or dependence on your other prescribed medication reduce, your health care professional will recommend the change. We do not advise you to tamper with your medication schedule, which may be prescribed to you by your health care professional without consultation with the concerned prescribing healthcare professional.
  8. We do not intend to replace a primary care physician relationship or be your permanent medical home. You should seek emergency help or follow-up care when recommended by your healthcare provider or when otherwise needed. You should continue to consult with your primary health care physician and other health care professionals as recommended.
  9. We ensure good packaging for the products sent to you, but the same may be opened by the Customs or other authorities for checking for general safety purposes. We are not responsible for such opening of packages by the Customs or other authorities.
  10. Achieve Holistic Wellness offers a recurring monthly payment option for all three purchase plans, i.e., 3/6/12 months. Should you choose to take advantage of the recurring monthly payment option, you have to commit to paying for all the months until the end of the subscription term selected by you.

Refund Policy: 

  1. We will refund the total amount paid in cases where we recognize that your ailment may not benefit from Homeopathic treatment.
  2. Once you submit the detailed personal information and the personalized homeopathic medicines are dispatched, we will not process any refunds. 
  3. In cases of any exigencies (such as surgery, accidents, hospitalization, or any emergency ailments), where your Homeopathy treatment is temporarily disrupted, we will extend the subscription duration accordingly. Furthermore, we will request you to keep us informed about your progress to recommence the homeopathic remedy to ensure you resume your Wellness journey with Achieve Holistic Wellness.
  4. All refunds will be made after deducting the applicable bank charges.