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Frequently Asked Questions

Achieve Holistic Wellness INC. is a company based in New York. We were founded to spread the awareness of alternative medicine focusing on homeopathy, a natural alternative to traditional medicine.

A) Questions about Our Operating Model

1. Why do you offer plans instead of selling homeopathic medicines?

Our aim is to focus on the complete individual and not any particular symptom. Generally, one tends to address a symptom in isolation to gain temporary relief allowing the condition to reoccur. At Achieve Holistic Wellness, we target the root cause of the ailment(s) by identifying all factors to determine the possible causes. The symptom could be one component, but it is important to identify any other underlying factors prior to starting a homeopathic treatment. Once you purchase a plan, we will send you an email with a link to a questionnaire seeking information about your existing & co-existing ailment(s), other factors such as, dietary, environmental, physical, emotional & family history.  This will enable accurate selection of the homeopathic medicines and personalize them for you to receive maximum benefits.

2. Why do I have to take homeopathic medicines for 90 days minimum?

Homeopathic treatment may take time to show perceptible change in each individual as each body type is unique. Homeopathic medicine targets the root causes of an ailment of the individual in a holistic manner. It is not like a prescription pain killer which temporarily removes the symptom of pain. Homeopathic remedies target the root cause of the ailment by stimulating your body’s inherent healing mechanism to commence the healing process. We typically recommend 90 days to allow homeopathic medicines to have their impact on the patient.

3. What plans do you recommend?

This is purely based on the ailment(s) of the patient. For example; infants having teething or colic issues do not need more than a 3 month plan, but for any long-standing chronic ailments, we offer longer term subscription plan options for 6 & 12 month which are affordable.

4. What happens if I have other ailments in addition to the one I have selected at the of subscription? Do I need to take an additional subscription?

We truly represent the “holistic” approach of homeopathy, which means the complete individual & not just one ailment. You do not need to take an additional subscription for any other co-existing ailments during the course of the subscription period. For example, if you select “Gastric Reflux” at the time of becoming a member, after making a payment we send you questionnaire (link) by email for providing us your detailed case history. Please ensure you provide us all the necessary details of your existing and co-existing ailments. Based on the information provided by you, our team of experts will consider all ailments mentioned in the form while planning your individual therapy. Please note, we may not be able to support all ailments with homeopathy. 

5. What if I have a new found ailment later during the course of my subscription?

Achieve holistic Wellness is an interactive platform through email, so you can contact us if you are facing a new ailments during your subscription period. We can offer a couple of alternatives for subscription plans for more than 3 months.

  • New found ailment not requiring immediate attention, we will capture this information in your case history and include this ailment at the time of preparing your next batch of shipment for your personalized homeopathic medication. As a part of our process we will be sending you a follow up consultation email 15 days prior to your homeopathic medicines getting over, you can also provide us information regarding any new found conditions etc. as a part of the follow up.

  • New found ailment is a short term condition requiring immediate attention, we could send the subsequent batch of homeopathic medicines earlier than the schedule. This change in schedule of dispatch will be at no additional cost to you as there is no addition/change to number of shipping requests or duration of your subscription plan. On receiving the new batch of homeopathic medicines based on the revision or addition of ailment(s) you can start consuming the same first as per the instructions & put the older homeopathic medicines on hold. On completion of the new batch of homeopathic medicines you can resume consuming the previous batch of homeopathic medicines. Please feel free to reach out to our experts for any other request we will make a best effort to be of assistance for ailment(s) within the scope of Homeopathy.

If there is a new found ailment and if this was your last batch of homeopathic medicines as per your subscription plan, we recommend that you renew your subscription. Thereafter, we will ship you the new batch of medicines which you can start consuming first as per the instructions whilst putting on hold the older batch of homeopathic medicines. On completing the new batch of homeopathic medicines you can resume consuming the previous batch of homeopathic medicines which was put on hold earlier.

6. After signing up, why do I have to provide so many details?

It is important to understand that every substance consumed by the human being acts as a stimulus to which the body reacts to in its own way (e.g. spicy food may cause eye watering or ear irritation, and incase of an offensive or strong odor may cause sneezing). Each substance has its own unique frequency and attracts a unique response at the body/mind/soul level depending on that frequency. Similarly, homeopathic dilutions or potencies, have their unique frequency even in the diluted form which induces a unique response from the body. The frequency of the dilutions also vary from potency to potency where the frequency of higher potency is found to be stronger.

At Achieve holistic Wellness, we have chosen to follow this holistic and detailed approach to enable our experts in accurately selecting the frequency best suited for the ailing individual. This is only possible after we have a thorough understanding of your general, physical, emotional/mental, dietary, environmental makeup and family history. We ask for this foundational information only once after signing up and the information remains as your case history in our database. Our detailed questions may seem lengthy or time consuming but are the true enablers for our homeopathic practitioners to identify the accurate homeopathic dilution to match the your personal frequency field. This individually recognized homeopathic dilution is called the Simillimum for a particular individual and ailment(s) as per homeopathy. When the simillimum is identified it enables us to target the ailment(s) at its root cause rather than any symptoms.

7. How safe is my medical history & personal details shared with Achieve Holistic Wellness?

Achieve holistic Wellness takes customer data confidentiality very seriously. Your medical history & personal details can only be accessed by our homeopathic experts & it is not accessible by any other person associated with Achieve Holistic Wellness. We wish to reiterate that at Achieve holistic Wellness we are extremely cautious about our professional ethics & we have taken outmost care in keeping your medical history safe & secure.

B) Questions Relating to Homeopathy

1. Is homeopathy governed under any regulatory organization?

The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) is the official compendium for homeopathic medicines in the United States of America. At Achieve Holistic Wellness, we strictly comply to the HPUS guidelines by only using the homeopathic medicines from the official list regularly published by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of USA Revision Service (HPRS) under HPUS. We also only use potencies of medicines which are above the threshold prescribed by the HPUS.

2. Is homeopathic treatment a slow and long process for me to feel better?

As mentioned in an earlier question, each person and their body type is unique, Homeopathy may take some time to show perceptible change in each individual, especially, if one is taking homeopathic medication for the first time. The response to homeopathic medicines depends from person to person, the ailment(s) and duration of the ailment(s). If it is a recent ailment you could see a faster response as compared to a lingering or a long standing ailment(s) which could take longer.

3. Will I have to follow any restrictions while on Homeopathic medication, like no coffee etc.?

There are no restrictions on coffee or food during the course of homeopathic treatment. Though, certain ailments could require some restrictions, for e.g. allergies which gets triggered by consuming certain food items. These restrictions are specific to certain ailments and not a general requirement for homeopathic treatment.

General instruction to be followed will be specified to you on your email and on the homeopathic medicine envelope (i.e. not to eat or drink anything 10 minutes before and after consuming the homeopathic medicines as the tongue needs to be clean at the time of consuming the Homeopathic medication).

4. Is it safe to take homeopathic medicines during pregnancy or post-surgery?

Yes, you can take homeopathic medication if it is prescribed by a qualified and experienced homeopathic practitioner, who takes into consideration the prevailing condition(s).

5. Can homeopathic medication be consumed along with my other conventional medicines?

Yes, you can certainly consume homeopathic medicines along with the other conventional medications, even if it is for the same ailment. Homeopathic medicines will not interfere with the other conventional medicines. Please do not attempt to stop or alter the dosage of your prescribed/conventional medicines on you own.

6. My child accidentally took extra pills of the homeopathic medicines. What can I do?

There is absolutely no reason to panic, even if your child took extra pills of his/her homeopathic medicines, it will not harm the child or infant in any way, as the homeopathic medicines are diluted, they will just act as one dose irrespective of the number of pills inadvertently consumed. Nevertheless, to avoid such instances, keep the homeopathic medicines out of reach of the children. Achieve holistic Wellness strictly recommends consumption of the homeopathic medicines as recommended by the homeopathic practitioner.

7. Is it safe to give homeopathic medication to infants?

Homeopathic medicines are safe, natural and have no side effects, and can safely be given to infants. Our dosage for ages under 1 years is 2 pills only as against the adult dosage of 3 pills. The infants are given milder homeopathic medicines as compared to adults. Infants below 5-6 months can be given the pills dissolved in 1 tablespoon of water to ease in consumption. Once they have started eating food they can be given the pills by leaving the homeopathy pills on their tongue.

8. Is it safe for diabetics or lactose Intolerant people to take homeopathic medicines?

Diabetics can safely take homeopathy as the quantity of sugar consumed is very small despite 2 or 3 doses daily. With regard to Lactose Intolerant conditions, all homeopathic medicines at Achieve holistic Wellness, do not contain Lactose and can be taken safely by those who are lactose intolerant.

9. Are there any side effects after consuming homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines potentization is based on the level of dilution. Thus higher the potency number, more the dilution. Most homeopathic medicines are at 8x or 4C levels or above and are diluted to an extent that toxic effects of the same are not seen. We at Achieve holistic Wellness only use 6C and above potencies of homeopathic medicines which are above the threshold potency permitted as per the as per the official list of homeopathic medicines published by HPUS.

C) Questions Relating to Potency and Dilutions of Homeopathic Medicines

1. What is potentization and what does “8x” or “4C” mean?

Homeopathic medicines are made from various sources. The parent source substance is then used in a highly diluted form after treating it with the process called potentization. Homeopathic Potentization is based on principles similar to what is now recognized or known as nano technology. Potentization or dynamization process is a process of diluting as well energizing the substance at hand.

An example of potentization in Centesimal potency where homeopathic medicines are labelled as 6C or 30C etc, is as below. One part of basic substance which may be called as mother tincture is taken and mixed with 99 parts of vehicle substance which is a neutral substance. Then this mixture is jerked vigorously a 100 times in what is called as succussion. This will be termed as 1C potency. Which means the original substance is diluted to 1/100. To make 2C potency the same method is continued while taking one part of 1C potency and succussed with 99 parts of the vehicle to give the next potency. Which means the original substance is now diluted to 1/10000. The further potencies are made in the same fashion taking one part of the previous potency and mixing with 99 parts of vehicle substance and succussed giving the next potency. Thus, higher the potency the more diluted the original substance becoming more potent. Likewise in the decimal scale 1X is 1/10 and 2X is 1/100 and so forth. Hence any substance becomes absolutely safe to use at 6C potency and above as they are diluted enough to not have any damaging effect on the human body.

2. How can such diluted substances work or have medicinal value?

One would certainly wonder how such diluted homeopathic medicines can work. To explain the working of Homeopathy, let us consider the analogy of a very common experiment which we all must have done in our school days. ‘The experiment of magnetizing the iron rod’.

A plain iron rod is taken close to some iron fillings. It does not attract any fillings to it. Then a magnet is taken and the magnet is rubbed from one end of the rod to the other in the same direction each time. After repeating this several times, the iron rod is now taken close to the fillings. This time the rod attracts the filings which come and cling to the end of the iron.

What has changed?, The iron rod when rubbed on by the magnet gained the property of the magnet as its molecules and atoms responded to the magnet and aligned in a particular manner.

Similarly, in the process of potentization when the homeopathic substances are diluted and treated through the method of succussion (explained in the above question) to give a higher potency with each dilution process. The neutral vehicle substance used for diluting the original physiological substance takes on the functional property of that original substance as the atoms and molecules align in a certain manner. This continues as higher potencies are made and further dilution takes place. Though the substance is getting more and more diluted it is found to become more dynamized as it goes through the process of potentization. Hence the diluted substance carries the healing frequency with it but at the same time there are no toxic effects of the original substance as there is hardly any physiological/biological substance left which needs to be assimilated and eliminated/excreted either by the liver or the kidneys. Thus the major reasons of side effects are eliminated due to this process of potentization.