Our Unique and diligent operating model

Achieve Holistic Wellness offers a unique subscription model that caters to all your health conditions using Homeopathic medicines. Our subscription plans are affordable and flexible that cater to all your needs. 

Our personalized subscription plans include the following:

• All your existing health conditions

• Contactless online case history collection

• Personalized Homeopathic medicine supplies

• Doorstep delivery within eight business days (free for a limited period)

We have introduced the monthly recurring payment option for 6/12 months subscription plans making it highly attractive and affordable. Our 3 months plan is very reasonable for a one time payment too. Refer to COMPARE PLAN for details of payment options.

At Achieve Holistic Wellness, we truly believe in the holistic approach of homeopathy, which means the complete individual & not just one ailment/health condition. So, for example, if you select "Acne" as your immediate health concern.

Subscribe to any duration of the purchasing a subscription plan by selecting "Acne" is your immediate concern is just a way to get enrolled. Immediately after your purchase, you will send an email to gather a detailed case history as part of the online consultation. This case history gathering exercise is for all the subscription plans irrespective of the duration or health condition. It is an essential detail gathering exercise for all your health conditions, including other crucial information regarding your dietary, environmental, physical, emotional patterns & family history. This information is foundational that gives us a complete view of your overall health conditions. Our team of experts will refer to all the details about your health condition/s, other factors, and family history information mentioned in the form while planning your personalized homeopathic medicine. We will not be able to move ahead without this information, and we urge you to share this information in utmost detail.

So begin your journey with homeopathic treatments to allow your body to self-heal. 

Homeopathic treatments for different health conditions:

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Should you have any further questions regarding how to subscribe, please write to our team at: contact-us@achieveholisticwellness.com.