Homeopathic Treatment for Claustrophobia


Homeopathic Treatment for Claustrophobia's Description:

Claustrophobia is a specific anxiety disorder that triggers intense fear or nervousness when you are in any closed places, overcrowded places, overcrowded or cramped elevator.

Symptoms of Claustrophobia:

  • Gasping for breath
  • Pacing heart rate
  • Severe sweating
  • Jittery
  • Dizziness
  • Uneasiness and nausea

Causes and Triggers of Claustrophobia: 

Claustrophobia is believed to be a hereditary condition. Also, people with an existing Anxiety disorder have a relatively high chance of having claustrophobia. For some, a traumatizing childhood experience, being bullied, abused, or locked up in a cupboard or elevator could be the underlying cause.

Biology of Claustrophobia:

The brain uses many chemicals called neurotransmitters to communicate with the nerve endings. How you feel about something depends on which neurotransmitter is triggered. Different Stimuli get a different response from the brain & triggers the release of that particular neurotransmitter which induces a specific emotional reaction. Anxiety & the degree of fear depends on the levels of these neurotransmitters.

How does Homeopathy Help Claustrophobia?

Homeopathic medication helps in reducing the impact of the anxiety caused due to fear or nervousness of closed or crowded places or stress due to past issues etc. Homeopathic treatment enables you to better accept & cope with the circumstances. Homeopathic medication does not interfere with conventional medicinesAchieve Holistic Wellness strongly request to refrain from self-medication.

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