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Homeopathic Treatment for Parkinson's Disease



Parkinson’s Disease is a brain disorder in old age due to certain nerve cell damage; this causes dopamine levels to reduce, leading to shaking, tremors, slow movements, stiffness, walking & movement difficulties. Parkinson starts with gradual symptoms & gets worse with time. Early detection can help to slow down the spread of brain degeneration. 

Symptoms of Parkinson´s Disease:

Early-stage symptoms

  • A tremor in any one hand
  • Muscular problems of stiff muscles causing movement difficulty
  • Sleep disturbances, fatigue, dementia, speech difficulty, jaw stiffness, anxiety.

 Symptoms as the disease progresses

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Drooling
  • Rigid muscles
  • Mask like face
  • Blank look
  • Unsteadiness
  • Shuffled gait/steps

Causes and Triggers of Parkinson´s Disease:

 There continues a debate about the causes of Parkinson's' Disease, whether genetic and environmental components, but the exact cause remains unknown. Reduced supply of dopamine causes abnormal brain activity. 

How could Homeopathic treatment help in this condition?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from the natural extracts of flowers, plants, and minerals, which are safe, gentle & have no side effects. Early detection by identifying the symptoms can reduce the spread of brain degeneration. It is essential to accurately share all the person's details which will enable our experts to select the most suited combination of homeopathic medicines allowing you to gain maximum benefit from homeopathy. Homeopathy does not interfere with conventional medicines and can be consumed together. Achieve Holistic Wellness strongly request to refrain from self-medication.

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